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Cute dresses

I bought both of these dresses the other day at Anthropologie. They are so cute and look great on. The Montserrat dress is so summer and sweet as well as the Garden Party Shift.



I’ve got my eye on the Puzzle Pieces Dress, I’m waiting for it to get discounted just a little bit more. Hey, I’m a thrifty shopper, what can I say. 🙂



I’m obsessed

I want this dress!!!


Vegetarian Dinner

Today I read a ton of vegetarian recipes on the Internet. So many looked so delicious, I wanted to try almost everything I saw. So I decided to invite my family over for dinner. I made a yummy dinner of bruschetta for an appetizer, roasted vegetables (zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant and onion) as a side dish and for the main course, a recipe I found today, Cauliflower Cake. Everything was absolutely delicious. I would definitely recommend giving the recipe a try. I have included the a link to the recipe. I have also included some pictures for you all to see. 20120713-222626.jpg20120713-222643.jpg

Here is the approximate nutritional facts:

Cal – 303
Total fat – 15.9g
Saturated – 5.8g
Polyunsaturated – 2.2g
Monounsaturated – 5.9g
Trans – 0g
Cholesterol – 323 mg
Sodium – 384.6 mg
Potassium – 163 mg
Total Carbs – 21.5g
Dietary Fiber – 3.4g
Sugars – 2.1g
Protein – 20.2 g
Vitamin A 13%
Vitamin C 64.6%
Calcium 24.4%
Iron 14.7%

I plan on trying this recipe tomorrow. I will let you know how it is and share some pictures.

I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables in my diet, so if you have any great recipes, please share them with me!

Buona Notte!20120714-102219.jpg

Sweet Potato & Figs. Yummy!

Check out this Yummy recipe. I am definitely going to try it this weekend.

My First Set of Goals!

Here are my first set of goals I want to accomplish on my reshaping journey.

  • Lose 6 lbs
  • Incorporate more vegetarian meals into my diet
  • Prepare my meals for the week in advance, every Sunday

Completed by August 1, 2012

Every month I will add a new set of goals to be completed. So stayed tuned to see the results of my first set of Goals.

What goals have you created for yourself? Tell me.

I am definitely going to prepare this oil to use after a tough weight lifting routine.

(The Old) Holistic Health & Living

Regardless of age, sooner or later, we will all suffer aches; whether caused by intense exercise, arthritis, or a fall. For those who prefer natural ingredients, that are both safe and effective — for adults as well as children, aromatherapy is the way to go.aromatherapy oils

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Green Tea: Metabolic Enhancer, Life Extender, Cancer Eradicator?

Good article. Interesting read. I’ve heard so much about Green Tea and the potential health benefits.

(The Old) Holistic Health & Living

Much ado has been made of green tea over the last two decades. It’s been credited with increasing fat loss, preventing cancer and even extending lifespans. BUT is any of this true? According to the research, two of these three claims are. …

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