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My goal is to compete in an amateur fitness competition in 2013. To focus and empower my goal, I decided to journal my journey from a flabby female to a fitness competitor. I will post my goals, progress updates and photos, training routine and diet details regularly. I will also add interesting fitness and nutrition articles, along with healthy recipes. By doing this, I know you will make me accountable and encourage me along the way with your advice and personal fitness stories.


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  1. apothecary21c

    Good for you! Makes me wish there were fitness competitions of some kind where I live. It would give the average Joe / Jill a good reason to get in shape. Not a lot of people in my town are interested in fitness.

    I also started a fitness journal. It was after I recovered from a semi-long illness, when I was trying to get back into shape. I still keep it. I’ve even added a couple of the recipes I’ve created, since switching to WordPress this week. I’m looking forward to checking out yours.

    Best wishes on your fitness journey! 🙂


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